w e a r i n g t o d a y # 1 8 9

wearing a LOVELY  suit from missguided
 it looks stunning, but it's also comfy as hell. basically your perfect 'christmas with the family outfit' ♡ 
you can find the blazer here, and the trousers here. but there's a lot more to find on the site. go and have a look!  x 


Natly K. said...

I love this combo!
LOVE!!! :)

Tabby Rose said...

This is the best suit I have ever laid eyes on! Love how you have styled it too!

Tabby x

karl philip Leuterio said...

oh my god./ so good!

merry christmas!!

K A T H L E E N said...

such a sweet suit, you wear it so well


S. said...

The suit is awesome!

\ Indigo Lights

Heidi Wood said...

Very nice lighting, I love it a lot, thanks for you sharing! I want to know do you have any ideas about stained glass floor lamp

Jacky said...

Looking great! x


Kyle Lyle said...

Great styling !!

esion said...

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