r a n d o m # 6 6

i did some major closet detoxing a couple of weeks ago. i've been throwing away a lot of old clothes. but i did have some leftovers, (brand)new/vintage and good looking items that don't fit me or don't work for me. therefore i made the decision to sell them online. the picture is a little sneak peak of what i sell. when you a curious, you can take a look at:


x zoé


Fashiable said...

Ik ga eens kijken ;)


Joana said...

I got curious. You put up some seriously amazing pieces!

Wedekind said...

closet detoxing - ha, love the word!!
I definitely check that shop out.

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Mary said...

Wow, I love the mix of colours and patterns! Definitely going to check out your shop now x

LeNerd said...

so u should send me all of these.
Aahhah love the shop

Yth said...

Zulke leuke dingen! Ik haat je omdat je niet dezelfde maat schoenen hebt :(
Je zou trouwens meer zelfgemaakte dingen moeten verkopen. Dat zou sowieso echt goed lopen! x

Jessica @http://thelovelorn.net said...

Oooo I've been waiting for this! :))))


DEMI said...

like your blog!
keep posting and go for it!!


Lara Maria said...

really cool blog