r a n d o m # 6 5

last week i visited the land atelier in amsterdam. i did like the clothing at first but didn't know that much about the brand at al. but after hearing the philosophy behind the brand i got really excited, and totally felt for the whole concept. i'm really bad at explaining things (like this) in a short and clear way and that's why i'm going to quote sabrina from afterdrk. because i really want to you to know what land is about and how beautiful the concept is;

" land consists of a strong, archetypal core collection of 11 pieces. each and every season a max of 11 pieces constructed from the same pattern of the core collection, but executed differently in another fabric or color, are added.

every season -twice a year- the label expands their ever growing collection, which means the items are not bound to seasons and will be available to order throughout the years.

trends are not to be followed at land and it is more about technical details. a shirt is a shirt, in its simplest form, but always with a small twist."


x zoé


Francesca said...

Amazing aesthetics <3

HONEY said...

love the concept as well! didn't know about it!

A-line said...

Photographs are great Zoe, minimalistic and linear just like the brand.

Janne said...

Nice pictures!!

Helen Glory said...

Such a good premise for a brand. Perfect for investment pieces. WOnder if it is the UK now?

Frances Glory x