r a n d o m # 6 4

last week i got a very inspiring parcel from avelon, but i didn't have much time to update my blog during the past week. anyway, i still wanted to upload a post about the avelon! first of all i really like the brand a, classy and cool clothes! i felt honored when they asked me whether they could send me a package with a s/s 12 lookbook and some more things. when it arrived a couple of days later i couldn't be more curious, and in a hurry to open the envelope.  but the first thing i noticed was the stitching in the envelope, and for a short minute i couldn't be bothered about the content of the parcel. i love details like this, and i love that people are actually thinking about these things.

the collection it self is exactly what i expected to be; classy, casual, effortless (a couple of words i can  relate to)  nice fabrics and... over all very nicely done. thumbs up!

(for all the dutchies who like avelon, and what to go to the sample sale next week; click here.)

x zoé

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I love random!