i n s p i r a t i o n # 1 6

weekday ss12

i like how h&m and her sister stores always exactly know what's going on in fashion.
h&m itself is a bit plain but does a great job producing basics and collab's with famous designers. her sister monki is a young and 'funky' store with some surprising items. but my two favorite 'sisters' are absolutely cos and weekday! cos is chique and minimalistic and weekday is more casual (a nice mix between monki and cos). and i love the scandinavian style they both represent. any how the weekday ss12 collection isn't mind-blowing since we see items like these a lot on the runway/in stores lately,  but these four outfits struck me. colors, textures, accessories, shoes, shapes...oh how i love weekday.


Fashiable said...

Ziet er mooi uit! Past volgens mij ook perfect bij jouw stijl!


HONEY said...

i wish weekday had an online shop :(

Pedro Korshi said...

cos and weekday are also my favourite brands.

Yuka said...

love the look on the left <3


Kasia said...

I like H&M, great inspiration! <3


laura said...

weekday is indeed an endless source of suprises. have to say its my favourite over cos, h+m and monki though ..

N.K.L said...

great looks :-)
beautiful blog you have!
i am now following you ;-)


Tina Carrot said...

such a true story! and I really have to say that I am so into your blog design and your blog - great job :)

ENJOY xoxo

Caily said...

i like the "sisters", too. they are so different,but i love all of them

Mika said...

wow, i never knew those stores are connected. it's sad we don't have any of those where i live, i like a lot of their clothes (especially cos).

vigilant lense said...