w e a r i n g t o d a y # 8 5

no time for a proper outfit post but these pictures are good as well!

x zoé


Mie & Ida said...
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Mie & Ida said...

What a wonderful blog you got!
Great pics, great blog and wonderful orginal style!!

we are quite new in this blogger-world, but we would love, if you looked at our blog -and maybe become reader (but no pressure!!)

Love & Rockets
//Mie and Ida (DK)

catho said...

like the shoes! :)

Jessamyn Read said...

That ring is lovely!

Néhémie said...

The shoes are absolutely adorabable and I always love to see how you comebine them :) Like in the piture with the leather skirt. Lovely. The ring is pretty dope, too :)


DIe bloes is echt geniaal!