m i x c d # 2

hope you enjoy my 2nd mix cd, here's a link to the youtube playlist. mix cd #2
 and when you want to listen to the first one as well, here's the link!  mix cd #1
1. black treacle - arctic monkeys absolutely the best song on their new album. 2. blue monday - new order g r e a t. 3. brick by brick - arctic monkeys  4. broke - zoo kid you got to love zoo kid.  5. fire at the pageant - the felice brothers new album new sound, i like it. 6. girl is on my mind - black keys black keys are the best. 7. hang me up to dry - cold war kids 8. jungle - professor green feeling like a wigger for adding this to the list but he's just awesome. and even better live. 9. liar my dear - the heartbreaks i saw them live in brighton this summer and they are great live. plus i recommend checking out the lead singer. 10. lovecats - the cure  11. miami spider - gallops  this was the best act on the great escape festival in brighton this summer, no doubt about it.   12. the mountain - heartless bastards beautiful song. 13. new england - billy bragg  epic 14. next girl - black keys 15. prophets - rizzle kicks awesome rappers from brighton. 16. reckless serenade- arctic monkeys  17. the roller - beady eye  saw this song live a couple of days ago, i mean liam gallagher he's just epic. 18. a rush and a push and the land is ours - the smiths 19. sandwitches - tyler the creator his voice. 20. sticks 'n stones - jamie t  english and rap, great 21. sweatshop - de staat dutch band, saw them live a couple of days ago and i'm still recovering. 22. sweet william part 2- johnny flynn  i will never make a mix cd without one of johnny's tracks 23. trouble on my mind - tyler the creator (odd future) saw them live last sunday, and it was damn hard like really really hard. good times. 24. window's grove- tom waits tom wait's i just one of those artists you have to appreciate, and this song is definitely one of his best songs 25. 99 problems- jay z EPIC! 
x zoé


Esmee D said...

amazing list :) theres some i dont know but checking out! Music really makes our lives better doesnt it?

maria. said...

you have a great taste in music! :D
Downloading the songs at this moment~


Axelle said...

Onze muzieksmaak komt blijkbaar goed overeen! :)
Ken je The Blackbox Revelation? Een Belgisch groepje, steengoed, en jammer genoeg al veel te bekend in België...

x Axelle

The Vogue Advisor said...

Cute blog!!!
Kisses from Italy

allthatshewants said...

really good taste! ^^

Kate said...

love your taste in music :))