w e a r i n g t o d a y # 7 3

jeans - topshop
jeans waistcoat - rokit
adidas shoes - vintage

x zoé


Evelyn said...

Wow I love your hair do!

Bérénice ♥ said...

cool! i hype :)

Coralie said...

I really like the top of your outfit !


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Annett said...

Thanks for follow :)
I like your blog and all of the pictures.

wobblinbetty said...

perfect outfit...and that star is making it even more rad!
first time here and I love your style!! following you xxx

helena said...

Woooh luv je waistcoat and ringen <3

Olivia said...

love this outfit! x

A.n.E said...

yay! you're back from Uk? LOOVING all the white going on in the last few outfits! uhh! this vest is too gooood.

Blackswan said...

really loving the acid white denim vest and grey combo! your sneakers add that lil extra something!

thank you for dropping by and your comment :)

x Lauren