random #45

after two months of traveling through england i'm back in holland.  i am sure about moving to england now but i need to finish my study first. which sucks in a way. even though i'm looking forward to go back to school. anyway, i'm glad i can blog (properly) again!
i wanted to change my blog a little before started blogging again. i changed my layout (a bit) like you might have noticed. and my header, which is probably temporary because i made a couple new headers and i'm still not sure which one i like the most! 
there is a give away coming up so keep visiting my blog! 
and i will be posting like i did before, which means there's enough to read and see! 
you can still follow me on facebook, bloglovin (on the bottom of this post) and of course gfc when you want to be the first to know about my new posts! 
btw, i bleached my hair a few times more after my last outfit post it wast supposed to be grey by now but  after three months of trying to get grey hair i decided to stick to the blond hair.

x zoé


maria. said...

Welcome back! I'm looking forward to your posts :P

The fashion building / DIY said...

Leuk dat je weer terug bent! Ik heb je tummblr ook gevolgd, en volgens mij heb je het super gehad!

Néhémie said...

Wow thanks a lot for your nice cmnt :D Really like your blog, too :) Adoring your style with the unique elements :)


adriënne [sans-etoiles] said...

imma gonna join ya, haha

helena said...

Layout ziet et goed uit! Hopelijk heb je het heel erg naar je zin gehad. Het lijkt me echt super om in Engeland (Londen of dichtbij Londen) te wonen. Ik wil graag naar de universiteit in Londen naar m'n HBO.
Gelukkig kan je weer bloggen :)
X x

KaReN said...

I like your blog!
Thanks for dropping by my blog. I follow you:)

whitney said...

Blonde looks amazing on you! Think I'm in love with your blog so I'm now following :)


Simona said...

glad you are back, I get pretty excited when I see new post of yours in my blog list :)


Rich Girls. said...

so glad to see you back blogging, lovely.
your hair looks gorgeous lighter.
thanks so much for the blog love! it made me smile. x.

Naomi said...


Manja said...

Welcome back! i hope you make some Outfit picures :)


KittehsCupcakes said...

hee welkom terug!!