random #41

i've got a question for everybody who live's in england!
i'm going to travel through england for a couple of months, and i was wondering whether you have some tips for me, like places:
i need to visit, i can stay (for the night), nice bars/clubs, actually EVERYTHING!
please mail me (lightningfactory@hotmail.com) when you've got some tips, that would help me a lot! 

x zoé 


Cylia said...

ik adviseer een restaurantje die je bijna overal kan vinden genaamd 'Garfunkel'.. van alles en super lekker eten:) en niet te vergeten Natural History museum (is gratis, uber groot, heel vet). En er is ook een markt wat vintage walhalla is.. ik ben even vergeten hoe die markt heet.. volgens mij picadilly market.. maar niet cker. en heel leuk dat je naar engeland gaat:)! heeel veel plezier! ben jaloers:)

EMMA said...


It would be great if you could make a guide! I'm from Denmark and would whink it would be nice when i someday goes to England.


devorelebeaumonstre. said...

I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a $50 giftcard to PTAK apparel if you'd like to check it out. :) x

tallullahelle said...

Maybe sign up to couchsurfing to find some places to stay for free? Obviously you'll want to mainly do London. The East is the coolest part, places like Brick Lane where there are awesome vintage shops. You should also check out Portobello market which has an enormous clothing section which is amazingly cheap. That's on at weekends. Oxford street has the biggest chain shops, like an enormous Topshop!

I'm from Cardiff myself, were you planning on heading into Wales? London has everything we have, and more, so I wouldn't really recommend it for a holiday (unless you want to walk up some very large mountains!)

tallullahelle said...

Your English is good!

It depends what you want? Wales can be quite rural in many areas, so not very good for travelling because the public transport sucks in quiet areas! Cardiff is by the sea but there aren't really any good beaches, it's more of a port by the sea. You don't get many people travelling around here really. When are you meant to be coming? There's a student festival on in June about an hour away from Cardiff and it's literally AMAAAZING. It's called beach break live and it would be a great place to meet people. Any of the festivals would be!

I think London would be a good place to start for meeting people in youth hostels and then I suppose you can see where they're off to. I would recommend going to Cornwall to stay by the seaside as it's really beautiful down there. Go to Brighton too, that's a really cool place to go out, and Manchester is meant to be a great City (in the North).

Obviously there's lots more places too but I haven't actually travelled my own country much so I couldn't give you a very good guide : s


Emma C Wills said...

Hey I love your blog!
Definitly come visit Brighton on the south coast, its a great place. Cool nightlife and they have a really quirky part called the lanes which have a hugeee amount of wicked retro/vintage stores/ hippy shacks! xx

Christina said...

Have you visited UK yet? I'm in Manchester and it's pretty cool...!

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