random #38

i know this isn't really interesting but the truth is that i'm addicted to photobooth since my last photobooth post! i also did some editing with photoshop this time!
i'm showing off one of my new rings i got from the give-away jenny ( from ladybirdsandbutterflies ) did.
again, thanks jenny! 

x zoé 


Whoop it up! said...

adroable (: <3


atrammarta said...

I like Your rings :))

Caroline Hulbæk said...

nice pics! :-)


Glamour Bbey. said...

Je bent een erg mooi meisje! Leuke foto's xx

LAVEL said...

nice pics :)

Jaggy said...

cool pfotos ;)

Amy-Denise said...

I love photobooth, always fun.
nice pictures.

JoeyAna said...

love the way you did your eyeliner!


Debbie said...

Hihi superleuk!

Enneh: nog vergeten te zeggen, maar ik heb de tas van de give away ontvangen, hij is superleuk, dank je wel! :)


Caily said...

thanks for following me !
your blog is amazing. I follow you now ;)

Camelopardalis said...

well, isn't everyone kinda addicted to photobooth?

thanks for your sweet comment and follow. i'm always kinda proud when a blogger with so many followers like you is interested in my tiny little blog.

and yup, the drawing you commented on is made by me :)

Camelopardalis said...

p.s. following back now, lovely blog!

magna rún said...

Thank you for your lovely comment girl! I'm following you too now! love your rings on this photo! :)

SH said...

great. visit and follow if you like.

Jan said...

Oehw leuk gedaan :D
Haha ik moest lachen om je reactie,
ik las alleen het 'verliefd op' gedeelte,
zat al te denken aan een halve liefdesverklaring ^^

Anonymous said...

Ghi, Ik ben ook verslaafd aan photobooth,
zo leuk iets voor als jeje verveeld!
en ik vind jou fototjes ook erug leuk!

xox www.liekslovefor.blogspot.com