mixcd #1

here is my first mix cd! i posted some songs before but i thought that it would be nice to give you a whole cd with songs i like the listen! i've made a youtube playlist of all the songs on the cd so you can listen that one (if you want to) 
at first i made a list of 122 songs, that turned out too be a bit to much so be prepared for more mix cd's! enjoy listening! 
here is the link to the youtube playlist: mix cd #1

1. ain't nothing like you - black keys ft. mos def & jim jones love the sound of dan auerbach's guitar 
2. baltimore blues - deer tick i always want to make a trip around the world after hearing this 
3. been listening - johnny flynn because johnny is the best! 
4. boy's don't cry - the cure
5. castro dies - jamie t last year i saw him live (on my birthday!) couldn't ask for a better 
6. churlish may - johnny flynn again..johnny johnny is the best (i added the acoustic version to 
the playlist, absolutely worth listening)
7. come on up to the house - tom waits 
8. crying lightning - arctic monkeys i named my blog after this song i took the lightning from the 
name of the song and factory from the first sentence of the song.
9. embrace - dazzled kid  nice dutch music,,makes me want a romantic summer evening
10. hair down - the cold war kids 
11. the horizon is a beltway - the low anthem
12. howl - johnny flynn johnny!! one of his best songs i added a beautiful version to the 
13. i'll be your man - black keys  i actually made a video for this song, i added my video to the
14 last of the english roses - pete doherty
15. stand by me - john lennon one of my heroes, next to johnny flynn
16. this charming man- the smiths
17. welcome home - radical face 
18. the worker - fischer z
19. the wrote and the writ - johnny flynn beautiful song + beautiful acoustic version on the streets of 
brazil (i believe)
20. yeah yeah yeah - new politics 

x zoé 


Anonymous said...

yessssss... can you scribe a love letter on the front of the blank cd for me? jk! i am loving this playlist!


Michelle Dylan Huynh said...

YAY! you did it :)
i also love your playlist
you did one better and linked to youtube, i may do that now if you dont mind


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irene said...

love your style!!!!!