random #29

purple lips, yes or no? i think my skin looks pale when i'm have purple lips but i do like it! dilemma! what do you think? 


VICTORIA said...

I love the simplicity of your outfit! <3
It's so grunge yet chic and casual!

x victoria

lineandree said...

You may look pale, but I still think it looks good.


it´s chloé said...

go for it! love the jacket btw.

-marta said...

very cute jacket.

Juliette Gillies said...

Pale is hot. Great lips. Great jacket. xx

L said...

i love this look! very nice!
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nicky said...

it doesn't look purple. It looks more like berry red. But i suits you good! Maybe you should top it of with a gloss, so it doesn't appear pale. <3 nicky

Bruno said...

I think it looks great on you, and your skin isn't to pale. You know what would look great too? Black lips, in London and New York, that's just normal. But here in the Netherlands people are too conservative, they think it's strange, while it's actually extremely cool!
Echt je blog is super!


Natalie Suarez said...

i love the lip color! very cool :)


R. said...

I love your style!

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felmake1 said...

I love purple lips :)!

Anonymous said...

Do it! Wine stained is beautiful! x


Hanna C. said...

it looks beautiful on you.looks really chic :)

L said...

of course i'll follow you back!
did you follow privately? i'm all new and dazed hahaha


Zoë said...

you look so great, i've looked at what seems like a million blogs & yours is definitely the most inspiring.
keep it up lady.


Fashion Fabrice said...

I never thought it was wearable.. but it actually looks very cool and sexy when i see it on your lips.. I like your total outfit

Lee said...

love your hair :)
I'd never seen purple lips before but they don't look bad :)

Klara - Bernadette said...

i just love it. gotta say, yes your skin looks pale but not too pale. you've got a perfect look! we'll follow you!xoxo kb

Cloudy said...

Wow, what a cute picture! Loving your look and definitely DO to your purple lips !!!!

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One love, Cloudy x

Jony said...

Zeker een JA!!!

Melinda Ibarra said...

yes to purple lips i have two different shades myself that I wear


Erin said...

I love it! I've been trying to pick out some bolder lip colors myself, and this is a wonderful shade on you. :)

explicit.rex said...

oh, I'm a fan of your purple lipstick! I break out the black every now and then, which kind of makes you look as pale as it gets.

R. Gratz said...

I dig your leather jacket!!! And yes, make the purple lips come to the mainfront! :)