wearing today #20

and last but not least ..... meet my new best friends:

vintage adidas shoes, episode / see-trough shirt, selfmade / maxi skirt, selfmade / scarf, h&m

when you are interested in one of the selfmades you can visite my shop
currently it's under construction but you can always mail me!


Josje said...

Thanks for you comment,
keep on posting yourself!


Teresa said...

I see you have quite a collection of sunnies in the background! Looking forward to seeing more of them with your outfit posts! :)

Btw, the photos totally gave me an AA vibe. Good job! ;)

♥ Teresa ♥

Lies said...

Je ziet er super uit - die Adidassen geven je heel wat street cred joh ^^ en ik ben zo jaloers op je jassenverzameling!

Ik heb heel de dag met verschillende scènes in mijn hoof gezeten, echt, ik kan nog steeds niet geloven hoe goed hij is :p

BRIE ET CHAR said...

nice outfit! x

WhoopyBeatrizLourenco said...

really like youre outfit!
simply but gorgeus!


Zoé Hermsen said...

thanks everybody! (:

Rosa said...

wow... amazing outfit ;) !
really like the skirt and the headband :)

VenusInVirgo said...

Awesome blog!
now follwong you,care to follow back XOXO

Caroline Hulbæk said...

Nice shoes and outfit! :-)

Sophie said...

Cool blog! I love your headband. :)))

I'm following you now. ;)
And you're welcome to visit my blog!

- Sophie

v a m p i r e said...

the scarf you wear as headband is really brilliant . girlish at the same time rock it with that pair of Nike

love the mixture

Leigh Lai said...

You made your own shirt?! That's so cool! How I wish I can learn how to make my own Shirt.

kristina said...

nice shoes. i just love how it stands out. the pictures are really awesome!