music #12

one of the best artists (of the world) , and also one of my biggest crushes JOHNNY FLYNN!  made this amazing song.
listen to it and buy (<-that's the link to his site) al of his albums/ep's/single immediately!


loen said...

aaaah johnny flynn is geweldig en ook echt een van mijn grootste crushes haha!

Anonymous said...

wow, your blog is amazing.
Iam going to follow you, now.
maybe you follow mine?


maike said...

wauw mooie johhny flynn <33

vero said...

I love your blog, and now i follow it! follow me too please :)


Sunbeam said...

ur so amazing love your blog and pictures and thanks for following going to do that to :D

Xoxo sunbeam

-marta said...

I love this song!

Louisa said...

Schöner BLog :)
Lieben Gruss!

Cecilie said...

I love your black/white pictures below! and your blog :D

irene said...

Hi. It is the first time I see your blog and I love it. It is so interesting.
I follow you, Go to see my blog when you want.