wishlist #6

i'm always browsing and saving pictures in my 'wishist' folder, and i decided to compose a couple of outfits out of all those pictures every month, this is the first one! 
if there is anyone who know's cheap knockoff's of these items/ shopping site please tell me where i can buy them because most of the pictures is save are exclusive the  shopping addresses. and sadly i can't find all of them on the internet.


Anonymous said...

I was so excited to c that i had a new follower, and even more so to find that she is awesome, and so cool

im following! this is a cool idea too btw, x


Natalie said...

cute! i love the maxi dress :)


sophia. said...

wat leuk gedaan! maar ik zou niet weten waar je het kan komen, maxi dress hebben ze tegenwoordig wel bij h&m ook, dus misschien.. :)